Why you should use Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer Rafe Abrook to
Document Your Day


Life is all about moments. Your wedding day will be full of them. It's my job to document these for you.

I am a Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer however I will travel the world to shoot the right wedding. If you've read this far, then some of the images above will have caught your eye. This hopefully means you like the natural, documentary style I employ . That's fabulous. What I'd like to do next is meet up with you both, and find out more about you, and tell you more about me, how I operate, and why I'm so passionate about capturing magical images for my clients.

I fell in love with wedding photography by throwing myself in the deep end a few years ago and photographing some friends weddings (at their request I should add!), while juggling a day job in the cut and thrust world of corporate sales management. I'm now a full time Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer because I love the positivity, I love the creativity, and I love my clients. 

Based in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, I consider myself a documentary wedding photographer first and foremost. This means I ask my clients for full access to their day. For this to work, I need your full trust on the day. I am not a record photographer who just shoots what's happening. I take time to anticipate moments and try and perfect the composition of each shot to give you the best image possible for each situation. The results are stunning natural moments captured without you and your guests even realising it. I shoot weddings how they are, in a photo journalistic fashion, yet despite this we will shoot family group photographs and portraits because these will be important to someone in your family. 

I take immense pride from a job well done and set my own performance standards high to ensure I over-deliver on expectations. I've been trained by some of the world's best wedding photographers, because that's where I strive to be and I won't settle for just being 'good'. But hey, don't just take my word for it. Check out what these lovely people said about me!

Here are a few principles I stand by with regards to my business:

  • Professionalism
  • Communication
  • Enthusiasm
  • Getting the goddamn shot
  • All of the above while having fun with my clients and their wedding guests


So go on, get in touch - we should meet up. We should build a relationship. We should have some fun on your day. We should create some memories you will cherish forever.

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