Yeah, so this is me carrying one of two drunk brides across some gravel to protect her feet and get them a beautiful night shot together under a pagoda. It seemed like the decent thing to do at the time. I find that by immersing myself into my weddings and becoming part of it, doors are opened for me and my shots just get better and better. My relationships with my wedding clients and their friends and families is massively important to me. After all, I am there right with them through every step of one of the biggest days of their lives. This Client Haulage Service extends to grooms if required (maximum payload 100kgs).

So here are the most commonly asked questions I get in life:

  1. How tall are you? - "6'8 if we're rounding up slightly"

  2. Where is your name from? - "It's olde English. My parents were trying to make up for being named Pat & John"

  3. That's cool right? - "Yeah. You should hear what I named my youngest boy...."

  4. So I guess being tall helps you as a photographer right? - "I've never been short so I couldn't say for sure, but at least I don't need steps!"

  5. Do you play basketball? - "Yes. Yes I do."

So there you go. That's the stuff I get asked a lot, but here's some other stuff that might give you a better feel for who I am:

  • Father to Taylor and Roscoe. The absolute joys in my life.

  • Supporter of Southampton FC

  • Lover of retro cars from the 80's and 90's (currently going through my 'Mercedes Phase')

  • BSc Hons in Environmental Studies that I have never used. Ever.

  • Lover of CrossFit even though I am too tall to do any of it well.

I’m constantly seeking improvement in my game, and draw inspiration from some of the world’s best photographers, and also train Wedding Photographers getting into the business. I have invested in the very best high end Canon equipment that can get me amazing shots from the very worst lighting conditions. I have contracts drawn up by solicitors, insurance to cover me for the very best venues, and I work with some outstanding second photographers who reflect my brand, demeanor and shooting style in their work.

My boys are now 11 and 12, so I've been that parent at a wedding with young children. I know how to work with kids and get great shots of even the shyest little souls. I also know that while you may not want to do formal group shots, Mum, Dad & Granny might want one so we should take a few for that reason. I also know that your wedding guests won't thank me for dragging you off for an hour on your wedding day, so I will prepare some spots for posed shots before hand and ensure your precious day is not wasted wandering around aimlessly. I will also gently corral friends and family quickly into position for large group shots if they are required, because they won't want to spend a long time away from the canapes and champers. Plus your wedding venue won't want the guests meals going cold, and I want them to recommend me going forward.

I strongly advise we roll with a team of two photographers as this ensures full coverage throughout the day. You get groom prep, different angles of the ceremony and more candid shots of guests while we shoot the formals. I have my team to bounce creative ideas off, companionship, help with lighting equipment, and people to help me with shot compositions. CLICK HERE TO MEET MY SQUAD. Oh and my company is logged with Companies House which proves I’m DOUBLE LEGIT.

I work hard for these guys

I work hard for these guys