Roma & Peter - Shenley Cricket Centre, Hertfordshire Wedding 6/2/15

Winter Weddings can always be a bit of a roll of the dice with the weather. You know you're in for some cold, but can it at least be dry? Thankfully for my first call to arms for 2015, the answer was a resounding YES! Accompanied by my good friend, and talented second shooter, Steve Granger we headed south from Hitchin and into London to meet with Roma and Peter. I dropped Steve off at the Village Hotel, Elstree to cover the Grooms Party, while I headed to Roma's house in Temple Fortune to meet the Bridal Party. 

Unfortunately for all of us a couple of the bridesmaids were delayed in traffic that morning, and Roma's hair appointment ran on longer than expected, so everyone was late getting into make up. "No panic", I reassured everyone. "We've never had a missed ceremony on my watch before!" - words I would soon regret saying with such confidence as time ticked on! Vee (Roma's make up artist) worked fast and delivered amazing results given our time constraints, but word from Steve at the church was that of an increasingly fraught sounding Church Warden urging us to hurry up!

Of course we all managed to get to Saint Jude-On-The-Hill Church just in time, and everything went swimmingly well for the rest of the day, despite slightly revised schedules! A relieved looking Peter met eyes with Roma as she walked down the aisle and everyone there could instantly see the chemistry between them both. After a beautiful ceremony the wedding party departed for the Reception at Shenley Cricket Centre in Hertfordshire where the Wedding Breakfast was capped off with some wonderful music from the acoustic band, The Supershakers . Roma and Peter's chosen theme for the wedding was Vintage Travel and they went to great trouble to prepare some amazing details for the reception such as old suitcases, cameras and letterboxes.

Here are a selection of magical moments from this wonderful day!