Wedding Photographer Shoots Wedding Photographer at South Farm, Royston

Firstly it needs to be pointed out what a fab wedding venue South Farm (near Royston) really is. Amazing grounds. Lovely prep area for bridal party. Fab new dancefloor for the after party. Loads of quirky stuff like pigs, chickens and vintage caravans. The list goes on! 

I first met Michael and Leanne whilst second shooting for another wedding photographer at Leanne's Mum's wedding in Bedford year and a half ago. Michael was a groomsmen and has his SLR camera with him which got us talking. We stayed in touch and I invited him to shoot with me at one of my weddings a few months later, and he ended up being my main second shooter for 2015 and 2016! Although they booked me a long time ago to shoot their wedding, I felt the pressure a little, as they obviously know good photography from average better than most. I needn't have worried though as with the help of Kelly Clarke Photography, we pretty much nailed it. Some other key vendors on the day were the always excellent Lee Smith - Magician who wowed the guests with his amazing card tricks, and Niki Lawrence who did an amazing job with make up for the girls. I'll let Michael introduce how he and Leanne met below:

“Leanne and I first met at work, and its safe to say we liked each other for quite a while! After what seemed like an eternity, we finally got together! I then moved in with Leanne, which was on the understanding that my dog moved in too! This resulted in Leanne adopting an 8 stone German Shepherd, which she was somewhat apprehensive about! (Side note: They are now best friends!). I knew I wanted to marry Leanne, and begun to form a plan to take her to Ireland. I took Leanne to the beautiful Lough Eske Castle in County Donegal for afternoon tea. When we arrived I took her to a secluded spot my the lake, with beautiful scenery and the sun shining down! I then did it! I asked her to marry me…..sort of! What actually happened was I got down on one knee, produced the ring, said her name about three times….and then started crying. Leanne then also started crying. We cried for a bit (happy crying obviously!), and I put the ring on her finger! It was one of the most nerve-wracking and happiest moments of my life. However, due to crying, at no point did I actually ask her to marry me, and at no point did she actually say that she would! Ignoring this minor detail, 2 years later we then got married at the most beautiful venue, with amazing weather, surrounded by our family and friends! Leanne looked absolutely beautiful, and the moment when I first saw her was the happiest I have ever been! It was an amazing day, and one that I will never ever forget……and yes….I cried then too!"

So, how did the day go for us all? Well pretty damned well as it happens. With it being May the cherry trees were in full blossom so we took full advantage with the night shot (shown above). Leanne and Michael have a shared passion for trance music, with Michael a very capable DJ in his own right, so the party went hard well into the night. Kelly and I stayed even later than usual to do it all justice!

Tri-County Wedding at Minstrel Court, Royston

The end of August saw Lorna & Gary tie the knot at St Mary's Church in Gamlingay, Cambridgeshire before heading over to Royston, Hertfordshire to Minstrel Court for the reception. The day began for Lorna at Maxwell's Salon in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire the town where the couple live where I met the bridal party and grabbed some shots of them getting hair and make up. The 3 counties traversed this day was probably a record for me, however all venues were actually within 20mins of each other!

The history on how Lorna met Gary is as follows: Gary went out for his friend Surbey's 30th birthday in Cambridge, Lorna got invited because she knew Surbey's girlfriend and her sister's then boyfriend (he's now her husband) pulled out so there was a space available for Lorna on the bus to get there.  They met on the dance floor in B Bar in Cambridge, which is now known as Baroosh. That was November 2005 - 10 years ago! They have since had a beautiful little girl (Annelise) who along with Laina acted as a Flower Girl on the day.

So back to the day in hand. Once at Minstrel Court, the drink began to flow, and eventually the children made way for the adults on the bouncy castle. Before the first dance I was able to take Lorna & Gary out into the beautiful grounds there to grab a night shot of them from across the lake. Once back inside Lorna and Gary both led the attack on the dance floor and many other dutifully followed.