What Do Photographers Do In the Off-Season? Shoot Models in Brussels. That's What!

When we're not frantically running around for 12 hours documenting your wedding days, we wedding photographers like to hang around in small clusters, fuel ourselves with strong beer and hire stunning models to hone our skills in exciting cities.

A recent trip to Brussels with friends didn't see us receive the best weather. Ok, let's cut to the chase. It p***ed it down for the entire day we booked Rubia! Luckily we had rented a stunning city centre apartment via Air B'n'B which had surprisingly strong window light, so we decamped there and got the following images.

We then celebrated with several strong beers and spent most of the next day in recovery. Good times. Thank you to my good friends and highly talented photographers Neil Redfern, Toni Darcy, Phil Smith, Kelly Clarke and of course Steffi Rubia for being great company and doing your thang.