How To Arrive At A Thursley Village Hall Wedding In Style!

Jessie & Richard's wedding at Thursley Village Hall near Guildford in Surrey was refreshingly different from many of my weddings this year. The vintage bus they took from their ceremony at Artington House in Guildford to Thursley Village Hall was a fantastic touch, and the bride prep location at the Angel Hotel in Guildford town centre gave me chance to capture Jessica strutting her stuff through busy crowds of shoppers!

The couple met each other through a dating website. It took about 6 months for them to have their first date after Jessie kept going on overseas holidays when they first started chatting. Luckily they managed to meet up eventually and it went from there.

The wedding date had specific interest as Richard's family come from Wales, and Jessie is from New Zealand and both teams were playing their quarter final matches that very afternoon with many rugby fans in attendance. The outcome meant for happier Kiwis than the Welsh, but the wedding party that followed meant that any defeats were soon forgotten!